SPA - Export - In the twentieth century

In 1921, the Company SPA MONOPOLE, Compagnie Fermière des Eaux et des Bains de Spa was formed and started notable advertising campaign in export markets that quickly yielded results.  This bold policy on behalf of such a well-known Spa Water led to a revival of its popularity in countries in every continent !

Between 1922 and 1930, the number of bottles exported increased regularly :  from 65.298 bottles to 3.352.772 bottles !

The thirties were marked by the most fearful economic crisis that the world had, up till then, known, and these were difficult years.  Despite that, the export sales never fell below 1.969.621 bottles…  None of these difficult years had impeded the progress of the Spa Waters, which won some new markets.

But the worst was to come :  the 1939-1945 war with its succession of disasters. Overseas outlets became increasingly cut off from the Belgian exporters.  Spa felt despair on seeing so much effort so suddenly destroyed.  In 1944 not a single bottle of Spa Water left Belgium.
Expansion of Spa Waters had been decimated, halted and frustrated by six years of armed conflict !

Despite this, technical improvements were made and Spa was in the forefront of progress thanks to optimum machines whilst observing the best possible hygienic requirements.

. Certainly, since 1947, advertising, sales promotion and more recently, sponsorship have built up the brand image of Spa Waters in an  international sense. 

Sales have followed and today Spa Waters and lemonades are the market leaders in Benelux ;  in the Netherlands, Spa Monopole created the market and its success has made it a generic name :  Spa Red (Spa Barisart), Spa Blue (Spa Reine) and Spa Green (Spa Marie-Henriette).

In 1991, Spa Monopole got the Belgian Export Award.

Nowadays, Spa Waters are making headway in more than 35 countries all over the world !