BRU - Sommeliers and Gourmets

The mineral balance of BRU, the beading water, does not alter a wine’s taste and can even enhance the flavour of great wines.  Slightly sparkling, BRU water is at home among delicate flavours, as it underlines the most subtle tastes.  BRU is the greatest of waters for great wines.


A Spouse to Great Wines

In order to enjoy the full flavour of a wine, water with a good mineral balance is essential. A fairly mineralized water with an optimal mineral balance does not harm the palate and respects each and every flavour of a meal.  


A Water of Transitions

A good table water plays a discreet but active part during a meal.  BRU natural mineral water eases the transition between wines, be it between a white and a red wine or between two red wines.  BRU has three essential qualities that make it the perfect accomplice to wine : its slight, non aggressive fizz; its low mineral salt content and a perfect balance between calcium and magnesium. This mineral balance allows the finest wines to give the best of themselves.

The pure, crystal-clear water of BRU is appreciated for its refined taste and has become the number one water in the world of great gastronomy in Belgium.   


Bru Water, Naturally and Slightly Sparkling

A good table water has to have a very specific gas content.  If it is not sparkling enough, it does not quench the thirst. But if it is too sparkling, it becomes aggressive :  the acidity of the gas provokes the taste buds and influences the tasting for the rest of the meal.  Few waters are just as sparkling as BRU.  This explains why BRU has such a privileged relationship with gastronomy.



BRU’s bubbles are so light, delicate and sweet that
they are called « beads ».
Those are the beads that enhance
your pleasure and quench your thirst without any excess.