BRU - History

According to some etymologists, “BRU” comes from the gallo-roman name of “brucus”, which means “heather”. It might be a reasonable opinion, since there was heather flowering in the spring’s vicinity in 1903. As it happens, the present BRU bottling site is located in a place called “Les Bruyères” (“The Heather”).
When asked about the meaning of the word, locals answer with confidence that their “pouhon” (natural ferruginous and carbon dioxide spring, in Walloon) releases gas bubbles of a certain size that burst with a characteristic noise, and that this led to the springs being named after the old French word of “bruisser” (“make a diffuse noise”).
But in reality, the name dates back at least to the High Middle Ages, when it used to describe marshy or “springy” places. This is obviously where Bru got its name from, since the site is known for its numerous springs.