Welcome to SPADEL

SPADEL is an international industrial group with activities focused on the bottling and marketing of natural mineral waters and also a varied range of refreshing drinks.

SPADEL comprises six bottling facilities, SPA MONOPOLE, BRU-CHEVRON (since 1982) in Belgium, BRECON in Wales (since 1983), WATTWILLER (since 2004) and CAROLA (since 2013) in France and DEVIN (since 2017) in Bulgaria.


SPADEL is leader in branded mineral waters in the Benelux countries, present in  France, the United Kingdom, Germany and exports its flagship  brand Spa Reine in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

The renowned “Thermes de Spa” a famous thermal establishment in the town of Spa, complements the company’s other activities and was totally rebuilt on the hills above the city in March 2004.

Our Mission is to produce and market quality goods made with natural water, offering added value to the consumer while respecting the environment.


The first European Mineral Water Quality Prize awarded to Spa’s natural mineral waters

The European Centre for Mineral Water Research (CERAM*) has awarded the Mineral Water Quality Prize to Spa’s natural mineral waters. The award of the prize is the result of a comparative scientific study carried out by CERAM’s Scientific Committee and is based on 4 criteria: the intrinsic characteristics of the product, the company’s policy relating to the protection of natural resources, Research and Development, as well as the marketing of the product. This is the first time that the CERAM has awarded this European prize. It has been awarded to Spa, a natural Belgian mineral water, for its exceptional quality, its responsible management of the aquifer resources and its environmental policy. Spa’s natural mineral waters are marketed under three brands: Spa Reine (still), Spa Barisart (sparkling) and Spa Marie-Henriette (lightly sparkling).

With this first European Mineral Water Quality Prize, the European Centre for Mineral Water Research (CERAM) wants to promote the excellence of a European mineral water for its natural characteristics, for its research and development initiatives as well as for safeguarding and protecting the environment. This prize, awarded for the first time and given every two years, is a tool for encouraging the quality and excellence of a natural mineral water and to contribute towards the promotion of high quality water resources.

Professor Massimiliano Imperato, Director of the CERAM, explains: “I am pleased to award this first prize to a Belgian mineral water that has been outstanding in the history of natural mineral waters and that, still today, is well-known for its original purity and consistent quality. The quality of the water has made the name of Spa famous throughout the whole world”. The awarding of the prize is also to highlight the efforts of the Spadel Company in protecting the aquifer layers for the Spa waters, one of the largest protected areas in Europe. The CERAM itself intends to continue its activities in research and exchange of information amongst experts and companies on the protection and promotion of resources. It would also like to strengthen its European network for the development of new, innovative research projects.

Marc du Bois, Managing Director of the Groupe Spadel, dedicated this prize to all employees of the company: “This first European Quality Prize is a wonderful reward for our members of staff who are passionate about the strict protection of the natural water resources. It perfectly reflects Spadel’s credo: “When man cares for water, water cares for man”. Guaranteeing the original purity of our natural mineral water is a duty towards the generations to come. This is our vision of sustainable development.

(*) Centro Europeo di Ricerca Acque Minerali