WATER - Classification - Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water is a pure and non-processed water from a subterranean source where it is bottled directly and is different from the other waters :
-  By its nature, which is characterized by its mineral content, trace elements or other constitu- ents and, when appropriate, by certain effects
-  By its original purity.
Moreover, it must be protected from all pollution risks.

Whatsmore, Natural Mineral water
-   Has constant characteristics all the time
-   Is naturally pure
-   Has no treatment, apart from elimination of unstable components (Fe, Mn) and adding of carbonated gas (CO2)
-   Is always protected
-   May claim the allegations (slightly mineralized, calcic, suitable to prepare baby food…).

Consumers can choose from a variety of mineral waters. The market distinguishes between carbonated waters and non-carbonated ('still') waters. Carbonated waters are subdivided into waters containing carbonic acid by nature and those to which gas has been added. Also, carbonic acid content varies from water to water.
Natural Mineral water logically has to satisfy very strict requirements which are lay down in an European Directive 80/777/EEC of 15th of July 1990

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And you may also download the documents by clicking on EEC_Directive_80/777 and on  Recognized_Natural_Mineral_Waters, in which you will find Spa and Bru waters (choose Belgium and look for our waters !).