BRU - Protection of the springs

After a long journey underground, BRU water surfaces at the heart of the massif of the Ardennes, in a site near Chevron that is particularly protected and preserved from any form of pollution.

The water’s purity and all the intermediary stages of its mineralization can only be preserved thanks to the protection areas that are required around such springs :

  1. the “water tapping zone” :  an area in which the collecting structure is installed.  Only activities related to water production are authorized in this area including the maintenance of water intakes ;
  2. the “prevention zone” which protects all of the Bru collection points (575 hectares).  Transport, warehousing, storage, excavation, leakage, rubbish, sewage and in general any activity which could pollute the water are governed by a strict legislation.  The rules are so strict that the surrounding roads are not salted and manure cannot be spread on he field in this area.
  3. the “surveillance zone” (3.865 hectares) comprises the area covering the whole of the hydro-geological reservoir that feeds the water collection areas 

Let’s present them :



These are the guarantees needed for truly natural water.