SPA - Water and Nutrition - Water

Waters contribute to the hydrous balance of the body. We should be aware that water is the main constituent of the human body (50% to 60 % of the adult body, 75 %  of a newborn child’s body and 70 %  of an infant’s body between 2 and 6 months). 

Now, we  lose every day a certain quantity (on average 2.5 litres) through our urine, perspiration, stools and breath. To compensate for these losses, it is imperative for an adult to drink at least 1 and a half litres of water a day, with food consumed giving us approximately 1 litre. 

Waters bring us diverse mineral salts, which vary according to the type of water.

Waters allow our body to regulate its temperature, to convey nutrients and to eliminate waste, while assuring its construction and its optimal functioning.